Innovative Vending Solutions

We offer Cashless payment Systems using Smartphone Technology. That means not having to worry if you have money on you in order to make a vending purchase. Simply open your PayRange App and with a couple of flicks of you thumb, you have made your purchase and you’re on your way. Quick, Easy and Secure.

Green Vending:

Energy efficiency is top of mind at every location. Cranes new machines use less energy, use more environmentally-friendly refrigerants, and are more climate-friendly than any other vending systems.

    • BevMax exceeds Energy Star Tier 2 standards
    • LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy of fluorescent lighting
  • Energy savings translate to cost savings

Modern Design:

The Merchant series styling has serious stopping power. Rather than going offsite for food, snacks and beverages, our machines put a food court right at the end of your hall.

    • Modernizes your location and boosts morale
    • A nearby resource for foods, snacks and beverages keeps more consumers on site
    • Expand outside your existing customer base with more product selections
  • Offer a new category of products like coffee and fresh food

Fresh Vend Guarantee:

The Health Control Temperature Setting is a computer-monitored temperature regulation system that guarantees food safety. The average age of food vending machines today is estimated to be more than 10 years old. Crane machines offer contemporary styling, greater merchandising capabilities, and reliably fresh food for your location.

    • Guaranteed freshness and food safety
    • Boosts consumer confidence in product
    • Convenience of on-site fresh food increases profits
    • Tightest temperature control in the industry
    • Maintain a full array of refrigerated products
  • Computer-monitored temperature

Merchant Six Variety:

With more vending selections, new styling, and an enlarged glass front window, our Merchant Six machine is a brilliant example of how you can offer a wider variety of products that keep your consumers coming back for more.

    • 50% more spirals offer much greater capacity
    • Ensures the right quantity and product mix
    • Greater variety means greater sales
    • Stock new flavors, more premium items, & healthy snacks
    • Higher capacity helps lower operating costs
    • Ultimate flexibility with adjustable shelf height
    • 6-shelf and 7-shelf configurations


SureVend uses special infrared technology to ensure that your products vend properly. If a selection doesn’t drop, SureVend detects the failure and tries again twice. And if for some reason it still won’t drop, consumers can select another product or choose to receive their money back. With this SureVend Technology, you’ll avoid tedious service calls, failed vends, and frustrated consumers.

    • No more product jams
    • Guaranteed delivery or your money back
    • Increases operations efficiency
  • Ensures a reliable vending experience

Get Change In Bills:

Bill Recycling creates a more pleasant consumer experience for any location. With diverse payment options, Bill Recycler sets a new standard for consumer convenience.

    • Accepts denominations of $20, $10, $5, $1, and coins
    • Pays change back in bills and coins
    • Makes vending accessible to more consumers
  • Avoid heaps of change in your pocket